Sober Living in Rolling Hills, CA

Sober Living in Rolling Hills, CA

Do you long to be free from addiction? Have you felt isolated and alone during your inpatient treatment? At UpRight Recovery Center, we approach every client and addiction case with empathy. You’re given an individualized approach when you come to our high-end facilities for sober living in Rolling Hills, CA.

Sober living is the gateway to becoming part of society again for many. Studies have shown that–after residing in a sober living facility for outpatient drug recovery–this method of augmenting addiction recovery is effective!

Sober Living With a Support System

A network of peers and professionals is crucial to your recovery from addiction. Isolation is one of the leading causes of relapse, and it’s essential to limit the environmental factors that could lead to relapse as much as possible. To name a few:
  • Isolation
  • Boredom
  • Association with still-active addicts
  • Mental health issues
  • Self-medicating uncomfortable emotions
  • Overconfidence in the ability to resist
Self-care is an important aspect of recovery; that’s why our facilities for sober living in Rolling Hills, CA, are filled with all your basic needs and more. In addition, in these gated, safe communities, you have access to the amenities of the neighborhood downtown and many beautiful nature trails. When you have things like this, opportunities for integrating back into functional society are more helpful than ever. We support AA meetings, building relationships with your peers, and accountability. Everyone at UpRight Recovery Center’s sober living facilities in Rolling Hills is treated fairly and given an individualized approach to their recovery plan. No addiction recovery story will be the same, and we wouldn’t treat it like it is!

Rolling Hills Sober Living

Any old facility can meet your basic needs and force you to attend AA meetings, but UpRight Recovery Center wants to approach things differently. While those things are important, they shouldn’t be the focus. Instead, the focus should be on long-lasting recovery built on empathy and compassion within a community of peers and professionals.

For the best sober living in Rolling Hills, CA, choose UpRight Recovery Center. If you want to book a tour of one of our facilities or simply learn more about us, please reach out!