Together, We Recover

Family! We take pride in the family that we build together while we help you mend the relationship with the family you have. In active addiction, we often break the bond with the ones we love. In sobriety, it’s our responsibility to nurture those relationships back to health, and we do so by learning a new way of communicating with the ones we love.

We want to thank both you and Avram for the kindness and care you have shown our little birdie, Mayme. You made a promise to look after her and you have certainly done so. She is healthy and has a definite sense of purpose and commitment. We cannot thank you enough!

- Mayme’s Father, Todd Marshall

We personally know Avraham and Michelle and we see how they help others. Also, we always get to experience their family-like Shabbat dinners.
- The Benjamins

Thank you to all of the amazing staff, owners, and volunteers at Upright for being there for my partner when he couldn’t show up for himself! From the first phone call, I could hear that I was in the hands of true professionals; loving, supportive, and knowledgable.

Of course, we were in a panic, but the gentleman told us it would be okay, and it’s been so much more than that. Thank you for helping our little family come back together, stronger than ever before. We are forever grateful.

- Kelsey & Andrew Gardner

Why Our Los Angeles Sober Living Is The Right Choice For You & Your Family

Each individual comes to Upright for a different reason, but for the same purpose, to find themselves, to learn how to be sober, and to thrive.

Our program is built on the Alcoholics Anonymous twelve steps with great emphasis on spirituality. We meet each individual where they are in their recovery.

Our Hancock Park, Hollywood Hills, and Beverly Hills Sober Living Homes are ready to accept clients from all walks of life, with only one requirement, to have the willingness to be free from the chains of addiction. At our Sober Homes, the clients build a bond with one another and walk the path of recovery together while focusing on their own treatment plan.

Our clients participate in a variety of therapeutic activities including Out Patient Treatment, twelve-step meetings, job search, resume building, mock interviews, vocational planning, house chores, and other life skills building. We have a fully stocked kitchen, shared bedrooms, staffed rides to and from treatment and meetings, as well as weekend adventures to make sure you get out to enjoy sobriety.

UpRight takes sobriety and safety very seriously. Unlike some Los Angeles Sober Living Homes, we have instant drug tests, as well as drug tests that are sent off to a lab for a complete analysis. We screen for over 50 substances and levels of toxins. We do this to ensure the safety of all residents living in our houses.

We have volunteer and internship opportunities available to those who have a passion for helping others stay clean and sober. You decide where your path will lead you, we are here to help guide the way.