About Upright Recovery

We are a structured program built on love and compassion. We understand there are many roads to recovery, and we are here to guide you on yours.

Why Upright Recovery?

With an intimate group of hands-on owners & staff, every UpRight client receives the attention they deserve, whether it be through private mentoring sessions or community support.

We truly understand the pain inflicted upon those suffering from alcoholism and addiction, as we’ve experienced and endured the suffering ourselves. We have found a solution for this most ineffable disease, and our vocation and life mission is to share the solution with you.

Let’s build the pieces back together!

Why Choose a Sober Home in L.A?

People venture to LA from all across the world in search of lasting sobriety. The Los Angeles recovery community is said to be the “mecca of sobriety” and for good reason, as there are over 1000 AA, NA, CA, GA, and SA meetings per week.

Los Angeles also offers bountiful modes of self-expression, countless avenues to display individual talent, and copious ways to have good, old-fashioned fun.

The culinary experience offers a wide variety of tasty delights. The options are infinite; from stunning Malibu to the famed restaurants of 3rd Street. The LA food truck scene is extraordinary, too, and budget-friendly.

If you’re moving to Los Angeles with or without a career or secured employment, there are vast opportunities to find work in a field that is both lucrative and meaningful.

The UpRight Commitment

Our mission at UpRight Recovery Community is to have a hands-on, individualized approach to healing the inner person struggling from substance abuse and alcoholism. We are committed to treating each of our residents like family, with empathy and compassion. Having been through the battle ourselves, we have a passion for addiction recovery that commits us to each client, walking hand in hand, with the individual into a life filled with purpose.

We help clients suffering from alcoholism, drug dependency, gambling, dual diagnosis, eating disorders, and other forms of addictions. If you are unsure if we are the right fit, the best thing to do is give us a call and see for yourself. We are happy to speak with you and give you a tour of one of our sober living facilities.