About Sober Living

What is Sober Living?

Dealing with addiction means learning how to live sober, and that can be an extremely challenging endeavor if you run right back into your old environment, where triggers abound…

A sober living home is a fellowship of residential clients

Sober homes provide structure and accountability in a safe, supportive environment. Residents receive the vital resources they need to comfortably bridge the gap between inpatient rehab and independent living. Lasting sobriety often requires a reorientation of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that can, unfortunately, take time and occasional discomfort, which is why it’s so crucial for newly recovering addicts to wake up every day in a caring, orderly environment.

Residents should be using the springboard of sober living to strive for their goals, whether that’s finding a job, pursuing further education, or perhaps just intense dedication to intensive outpatient programming. Residents take responsibility for cooking and cleaning, and regular house meetings address any conflicts or concerns. If you’re committed to working your program and making lasting changes in your life, sober living will undoubtedly be one of the most critical legs of your rehab journey.

What is Outpatient Drug Rehab?

Outpatient drug rehab is designed for adults who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both, and who understand that formal therapeutic support will greatly enhance their chances of maintaining permanent sobriety.

As with inpatient substance abuse programs, outpatient rehab addresses the root causes of addiction through individual and group therapy. While outpatient and inpatient programs overlap in many substantive ways, the major difference is that outpatient participants continue to live in the community. In many cases, participants successfully juggle work and school commitments in addition to regular outpatient attendance.

Because outpatient participants aren’t required to live at a residential rehab center, this type of care is best suited for someone who has already graduated from a residential program, or who can manage their substance abuse absent round-the-clock accountability to a structured home. Outpatient costs are more cost-effective than residential substance abuse programs. It’s common for outpatient drug rehab participants to also reside at a sober home so that they are flanked by communal support during vulnerable evening and early morning hours.

Outpatient drug rehab programming is usually offered for a specific number of hours each day. Participants follow a set schedule of group therapy sessions, in conjunction with more personalized work alongside a skilled and knowledgeable case manager. The schedule may be adapted to meet individual needs and outside obligations. As with inpatient programs, outpatient drug rehab participants are expected to remain sober, and relapsing may result in removal from the program.

The Importance of a Structured Sober Living

Staying in a sober living home while participating in an outpatient drug rehab program gives participants the opportunity to build lasting relationships with others looking to achieve true freedom from addiction.

Peer support is a big part of success in rehab; sober living homes allow addicts and alcoholics to immesh themselves with others who have traversed similar territory, wandered down the same dark corridors, and emerged with the unique compassion and wisdom required to pull another addict safely back from the precipice. We see examples of this every day, in small gestures and grand acts. Combining an outpatient drug rehab program with residency in a sober living home can dramatically raise the odds that an addict or alcohol will recover- and thrive!

Breaking The Cycle

At UpRight we aid you in breaking the vicious cycle that is “relapse-detox-treatment” by placing focus on what’s of the utmost importance: building and maintaining a sober network and family. At UpRight, the undeniable bonds between clients are everlasting. While you’ll spend only a few months under our roof, you’ll undoubtedly leave UpRight with a “forever family.”

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