Sober Living in El Segundo, CA

Sober Living in El Segundo, CA

The journey to recovery from addiction is not short or easy, but it can be more bearable when the weight isn’t on your shoulders alone. At Upright Recovery, our facilities for sober living in El Segundo, CA, are a haven of compassion and understanding. We know what you’re going through because we’ve been there too. But, it doesn’t have to last forever!

Sober living is proven to aid with the pathway to recovery, as it offers a stable living environment and integration back into society. Conversely, isolation and a bad environment are the ingredients for relapse, and UpRight Recovery dedicates itself to preventing relapse as much as possible. So what do our sober living homes have to offer?

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Isn’t a Easy

Our facilities for sober living in El Segunda, CA, comprise an intimate group of your peers with experienced professionals. The nature of our communities is an environment of empathy and healing. Bearing the weight of recovery from addiction is never a walk in the park, but that uphill battle doesn’t have to be so heavy if you have folks around you who can walk alongside you. UpRight’s sober living facilities are in gated, safe communities around the Hollywood and Hancock Park area. This enables clients to find a semblance of normalcy when they’re near amenities or nature hikes, allowing them to reintegrate back into functional society in a way that feels natural. Within our sober living community near El Segundo, you’ll have access to regular meetings that help you keep on that upward path to recovery. In addition, we support AA and even private mentoring sessions. So every individual client gets to have the personalized attention they need to recover from addiction and build good habits successfully.

Find Freedom With Sober Living

At UpRight Recovery Center, we put the client first. Your stay in our facilities for sober living in El Segundo, CA, will be comfortable and help you create habits for long-lasting results. We value community and empathy above all else, and the relationships you develop here at our sober living facilities could be friendships that last a lifetime.

Going it alone is hard; you don’t have to shoulder the burden of addiction recovery by yourself. So let UpRight Recovery Center help you on the path. To book a tour of our facilities, give us a call, or explore our website to get in touch with us or learn more about who we are.