Sober Living in Brentwood, CA

Sober Living in Brentwood, CA

You’ve finally done it; you’ve started on your pathway to freedom from addiction. That’s wonderful! But it isn’t without its hardships, even when you’ve gotten through some of the worst of it. At Upright Recovery Center, our sober living in Brentwood, CA, is an excellent way to bolster your determination to get sober and turn your life around.

We use compassion and trust, caring for our residents on an individual level. We meet you where you are in your recovery process, and we help you pull yourself up by the bootstraps and keep walking up that hill. Working toward freedom from addiction is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Trusting the Process; Trusting Yourself

Performing self-care and keeping your determination strong is essential on the pathway to freedom from addiction. Upright Recovery Center is always thrilled when our residents show how important this is to them. Your treatment here at our sober living in Brentwood, CA, is all about compassion and attention. At Upright Recovery Center, you are not a prisoner or an inmate; you are part of our community. There are no cookie-cutter solutions to addiction treatment and sober living. We believe everyone has unique situations and journeys, and that’s why we approach our residents’ circumstances with care catered to their needs.

Come Take a Look at What We Offer

You’ve already started your pathway, and we want to help you the rest of the way. We have much to offer, including encouraging and hosting the 12-step program and rides to and from your treatments and therapies. Moreover, we provide a full range of services and fully stocked facilities to augment your journey to freedom from addiction.

You crave freedom, you deserve a new chance, and you have so much ahead of you. So let us at Upright Recovery Center help you find yourself again with our sober living in Brentwood, CA. Drop us a line or send us a message, and you can see what our facilities look like and hear about what we offer in more detail.