Drug & Alcohol Treatment Malibu, CA

Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Malibu, CA

When you come to UpRight Recovery Center during your drug and alcohol treatment in Malibu, CA, you connect with others like you at different stages of their journey. We want to foster a familial feeling, setting the pace for compassion and unbiased care. Struggling with addiction requires understanding, especially if you’ve already begun the steps to freedom from addiction.

You need to feel like you aren’t alone on this journey, and UpRight Recovery is where you can get the help you need that pulls you out of the despair of isolation. Going alone doesn’t necessarily make you stronger, just as having support from other people never makes you weaker.

You’re trying to get the help with drug or alcohol addiction you need; that in and of itself is already proof of how strong you are.

Why Sober Living in Malibu, CA

Our sober living facilities are fully equipped with ways you can live in a safe, independent environment. Additionally, our sober living for those seeking drug and alcohol treatment in Malibu, CA, are small communities of people on their journey to freedom from addiction. We have many programs and perks to help you keep your drug and alcohol addiction treatments in line with wherever you’re getting help. From support groups featuring AA speakers to assisting you with rides to and from treatments, we want you to feel welcome and comfortable no matter what stage you’re at. Adjusting to a drug-free lifestyle and knowing that someone will be there to aid you is our ultimate goal, and we’ve helped many reach the pinnacle of recovery.

We’re Ready When You’re Ready

Your life—your struggles—they matter to us here at UpRight Recovery Center. We understand what it’s like to suffer as you have, but we also know that every experience is different and comes with its own individual pain. You want to get better; we want to help.

When you need help to continue your drug and alcohol treatment in Malibu, CA, connect with us at UpRight Recovery Center, and trust in our excellent sober living facilities.